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Small Company for Big Expeditions on the Croatian Adriatic

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Dear Paddling Friends,

I founded Adriatic Sea Kayak Expeditions (ASKE) in winter 2004 and started operating longer trips in summer of 2007.Why did it took me so long? Well, I wanted to create the best adventure trips as possible I could by exploring the whole coastline with my friends, learning the history and customs on the Islands so we can transfer the stories to you. Beside that we have found many friends and tasted the best food recipes that Adriatic can give. Our trips are carefully designed to give you the best aspect in our country and in our native people .We live on the easy going Island of Rab through the whole year which gives us a lot of time to develop a great adventure trips. I Invite you to join us in our relaxploration adventures across the Adriatic Sea.

"Pomalo" (Take it easy) we say!

Joško Matušan - Yogi,  Founder of Adriatic Sea Kayak Expeditions

Our Philosophy

In the world of mass tourism, we are not interested in satisfying the masses so that's why our groups sizes are small ( 8-10 ) and guides are those who makes the company. We are contributing to the local economy using the organic food, as much as we can, that is produced by local families or companies. Our wide tour packages of sea kayaking adventures means that we offer something that will suit all levels of ability, like relaxploration tour for novice or longer Expeditions for experienced paddlers. There is no single surcharge for single participants (except in Hotel acc.) and children from 16.y.o. are welcomed with the parent’s approval only on some trips. We are updating our web site through the year with new events, trips, detailed itineraries and, of course, with photography.
Join us in our carefully designed trips.

Green Side

We are using only the biodegradable liquids and soap's for dish washing and showering.

While paddling,any plastic object in the sea will be collected and proceeded for recycling if possible.

After camping on the remote beaches we always check out if there is anything that we have left behind, as we always leave something - our footprints. We also use a portable toilet system with biodegradable bag.

How Much Experience do We Have

We are experienced paddlers and beside kayaking we have a few other hobby’s like mountaineering, cycling, speleology, photography and others.

To ensure that you will have a safe trip we possess the First Aid certificate.

During the wintertime we are looking for new destinations across the whole Adriatic Sea so each year we put at least one new trip. That’s why we know almost all Islands like the palm of our hands and that is why our clients are coming back for new adventures.

Our guide to client ratio is 1:6 but we almost always have two guides on each trip as we do trip by trip. We hope that you can join us in one of our many unforgettable adventure trips.

Yogi founded Adriatic Sea Kayak Expeditions (ASKE) in winter 2004 and started operating longer trips in summer of 2007, meaning Sea Kayak Croatia has over 10 years of experience running the business.

Nothing is left to chance, and every trip is carefully planned. 

Our mission in the world of mass tourism is to help our clients escape from civilization into the heart of nature.

We are not interested in satisfying the masses but in offering our knowledge and what we appreciate most to genuine nature lovers.

Our Team

Joško Matušan - Jogi (Yogi)

jogiIn sea kayaking since 2005. Have BCU certificate and lead many trips and expeditions along the Adriatic coast and Islands. 

In 2004 along with his friends he organized first Adventure Festival on the Rab Island and explored the whole Island on mountainbike and on foot since he was 15. His second love is permaculture and fig growing. Back in 2011, together with his family and friends, he planted 200 fig trees and finished the Permaculture course in 2016.

Today, beside organizing kayak trips and expeditions, he’s working on a project where he wants to create a big permaculture family farm with gardens and orchards where you will be able to taste fabulous food and stay in cottages while spending days in exploring the island of Rab with sea kayak, mountain bike or on foot. He’s a father of three adorable girls Sunčana (sunshine),Gea-Aria (Earth & Air) and Flora.

His wife Sanela is his right hand and love since 2000.

Davor Mlacović - Bafo

bafoBorn and raised on the beautiful Island of Rab Bafo worked as a bartender 10 years on Cruise ship along the Caribbean coastline and the West coastline of USA.After moving back to Rab he worked as a bartender in one of the most popular beach bars of Rab (Banova Vila) where Jogi used to rent sit on top kayaks.

Even though they were neighbors they haven’t been in close relationship until they inveted Fuego du Draghau or Dragon Fire Cocktail. After this all is history. He started to work for Sea Kayak Croatia from day one (2007) and his test was to paddle 200 k’s in 9 days along with Jogi.We have to mention that Bafo never ever before this paddled in sit in kayak and this time he even had a kayak sail.

To cut the story short Bafo proved his skills and few years after he finished BCU course. Bafo is our encyclopedia for local history and culture and he knows so much stories that your every day with him on the sea will be fulfilled.Bafo is now living on New Zealand as he met the love of his life on our kayak trip but he’s coming back each summer to lead trips and expeditions.

Šime Sušić

After winning the first season of Croatian Masterchef (Gourmet Tv show) he decided to paddle around 1200 K’s in 47 days and visit 47 Croatian Islands where he cooked local dishes from visited Islands to tourist as a promotion of Croatian Food Heritage.

The Island Odyssey Expedition started from the Island of Rab from where Šime was grown and spent half of his life.

Today he lives in Zagreb where he works as a teacher of Geography and History in high school leading his students all over Croatia as a reward.

During summer times and during any other holidays he’s leading gourmet or regular trips for Sea Kayak Croatia.


Luka Grgurić 

021515Luka is our newest addition to the team. Lived on the island of Rab his whole life. Studied IT in Varaždin (Masters Degree) and after university worked in the marketing department of a local hotel company for 7 years. Now he prefers work that involves less stress, less office and less bosses.

He is our IT guy, responsible for making and handling the website and marketing (when in the mood). Together with Yogi and friends founded local independent political party, as an extension of his eco activism and journalism, and now is one of our towns council members - in opposition, of course.

Luka is leading one-day and multi-day trips - Island Rab, Kvarner Archipelago, middle and south Adriatic.

He is into agriculture so sometimes uses his own vegetables when preparing meals. He is also a skilled woodworker and he started a Youtube channel where he presents his works.

Sanjin Patalić - Pato

IMG 5006Born and raised on the Island of Rab but traveled all over Europe mostly hitchhiking.

Pato is open spirit guy and he’s passion beside kayaking is keeping the tradition or local cultural heritage.He lives in Lopar on Rab that is one of the most beautiful parts of the Island with long sandy beaches and hidden places.He is our youngest and newest guide with BCU as well.

Knows a lot of history and he used to work on the notorious political prison Island of GoliOtok as a cinema operator for tourists.

He spent most of his time exploring the Island and collecting data and items from the Island. He’s also active adventurist that love hiking, mountaineering and trekking but his true love belong to working with the soil or gardening.

Just started with the permaculture and he’s renovating he’s 100 y.o. stone house for tourism where you’ll be able to stay and use his garden.

Pato is mostly leading one day trips.

Zadar Team

In Zadar we have a team of friends running their own similar projects and without them our trips would never be possible to organize.

Ljubo Majca and the Family

Ljubo Majca is Geography teacher in primary school and our boat transfer manager for Kornatitrips. He’s an active speleologist, mountaineer and rescuer in Croatian MontainRescue.He’s also a sailboat skipper &diver. His father Radovan is our boat driver and story teller while boating to Kornati.His mom Mare is helping us out for accommodation and if available you can stay at their place in Sv.FilipJakov before travel to Kornati. Ljubo’s wife Elma is helping us out in numerous things like preparing food and Jean Claude Žuža - Our mountaineering guide for some trips we have on request when we organize custom made itineraries combining hiking and kayaking. His playground is Velebit Mountain and Zadar backlands as well as National Parks like Plitvice or Krka. MarijanBuzov - Active speleologist and our tour leader in Modrić cave.


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