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Adriatic  Odyssey was just that..! It was my first ever real paddle across the seas and had an AMAZING 16 days..! 
I would highly recommend it to anyone. Yogi and Bafo did an outstanding job with their expertise, professionalism and knowledge of Croatia and Sea Kayaking..!
Thank you so very much , see you on the next paddle adventure..!

All the best


The Croatia trip by boat and kayak was fantastic. Jogi and his crew went out of their way to accommodate the wishes of everyone. The food was great and plentiful.
The fact that we had a boat,meant we were able to do both the north and South Islands and move around to different spot if the weather was no good in one area.
The cabins were comfortable and we were not lacking in anything.
Good value for money and I would recommend it to anyone. Having local crew and captain made the trip totally hassle free.
Would do it again.

We’ve been wanting to sea kayak in Croatia for some time and decided to go with a small, local company rather than a large tour operator.

What a great decision that was!

The 8-day expedition to the Kornati Islands with Sea Kayak Adventure completely lived up to its promise. It was, in every respect, a fabulous adventure. Our guide, Bafo, became more than just an excellent leader, he became a friend as did the other people in our small group. The kayaking was superb, despite some ‘weather’ and the scenery was breath taking. You need to be someone who can cope with roughing it a bit to do this trip as the camping facilities are basic yet entirely adequate. For us, this was just part of the whole experience and simply added to the sense of adventure. The supplied equipment was very good quality, but we took a pair of extra thick sleep mats, which was a good idea. We’re definitely up for another trip.

 I wanted to let you know what an excellent trip I've had, and how much I appreciated Jogi's organisation, adaptability, personality, responsibility - the trip as it panned out could not have been better, and I am sure we saw more of Croatia than expected; he really did do a great job in the face of weather issues. Jogi is very impressive with his good humour and apparent unflappability - I have a new word, pomelo - in Croatian it seems to mean chill out, slow down, don't worry, it will all be OK - and it was. Jogi's family, including his father Gino, are all very generous and hospitable. Thanks for everything, Best regards, Wendy Cull PS Guide number 2, Pato, was an extra bonus. Apart from the paddling, he took us on some terrific sightseeing walks, and a great hike.

“It is hard to believe that only a week ago, I was kayaking on the most beautiful water I have ever seen, camping on a beach far from ordinary, hiking through the woods with a sleeping bag, food and water on my back, and sleeping in rustic cabins far from the noise of the big city. I want to thank you sooo much for the wonderful week of kayaking, hiking and camping. Things could not have been better, even the rain did not detract from the experience. You have an amazing cadre of professional colleagues, superb experience and understanding with regards to outdoor adventure and a joie de vie hat, all combined, resulted in one of the best vacations that I have ever had. You shared with us a part of Croatia that many never see. Please convey our thanks to your colleagues for their graciousness.”

The trip was great, both the guides were fabulous, especially Jogi.  We were all disappointed that the weather didn't co-operate, but I think Jogi took it the hardest.  I know I appreciated his safety first attitude, and the fact that he worked so hard to rejig the trip for us.  He's very knowledgeable about Croatia, and made the trip really interesting.  But the bottom line is that he's a really nice person, and I enjoyed having him as a guide.  I'd absolutely recommend this trip to anyone!  Pato was also great, he's really kind, and I enjoyed his company as well.

Basically, this was another fantastic SSV (our partner)  trip with wonderful guides. Thanks so much to everyone!

“I think I can speak for all of us when I say the kayaking and hiking was the best part of our trip. I’m not sure which I liked better. It’s hard to compare since they were so different. The kayaking was definitely easier, but we were lucky not to have any wind come up as that would have made it much more difficult, unless it was a tail wind, which rarely seems to happen. Thanks for your help in making our vacation in Croatia a wonderful experience.”

The trip was fantastic! Jogi and Luca are excellent guides and handled the complications of changing weather very well. It actually made for a very interesting trip to get to do more hiking and caving.

Thanks for all of the help and looking forward to our next trip, whenever that is.



Last summer a group of 9 us went Sea Kayaking around the island of Rab.

It meet all of our expectations and more. It was beautiful and we all had a fantastic time.

We had a tailor made package for 2 and a half days and it was fantastic value for money.

A great time was had by all and I would defiantly recommend it to anyone. Fab!!

I give a RAVE REVIEW ! Barbara and I had a great Croatia experience with no hiccups. We started in Dubrovnik and zig zaged our way by road up to Split, did the stint on board the Vila Vrgade. 

True to the SSV (our partners) description the Croatia Kayak/Sail experience was a true Adventure although, we didn't get to sail.

Jogi was a very capable and caring leader who excelled in his kayaking skills and guided us to so many interesting places throughout our trip. He displayed an excellent knowledge of the geography, history and culture of the country and was thoroughly entertaining particularly when on-board and "playing off" (interacting) with the skipper.

The Vila Vrgade was ideally suited to our needs and was very comfortable. Being an older boat it made us feel true adventurers and not tourists on a modern plastic boat.

The Master Dean  and this wife Tina were wonderful hosts. He was a competent seaman and managed the boat very skillfully and Tina was a very capable crew with amazing skills in the galley. We were dished up some loverly meals with plenty of variety. The relationship between Jogi and the crew of the Vila Vrgade was professional and displayed a strong bond.

We had a great holiday and thought the trip was great value . I have given a friend your brochure, who is keen to do your trip.

Thanks for organising the trip.

Best Regards ...Graeme Cox

I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed my trip to your beautiful Croatia. The country itself was spectacular, but you two really made the trip memorable! You were like a stand-up comedy show, even though that was not your intent. I loved the way you two bantered back and forth. On the serious side, I always felt safe and secure with the two of you in charge. You had a great way of looking out for everyone, even those of us with less skill! Also, my birthday cake was so sweet. Who else but you could concoct a “cake” in the wilderness and then decorate the box and top with flowers and stones. I will never forget it!

I have been kayaking at our lake house in Vermont this summer quite a bit. There is no comparison to sea kayaking, though!

Thanks so much for sharing Lopar with us on a wonderful one-day trip. It was a great introduction to sea kayaking for our 8-year-old, and being able to see the secluded beaches and slower pace of the "hidden" Croatia was wonderful. I feel restored after just one day, so I am hoping to join you on a multi-day trip in the future!


As a professional canoeist I was looking for a “professional” sea-kayak provider when I found Jogi’s website.

As it turned out, it was not just a really informative website. Jogi helped me organizing everything for my 9 days stay in Croatia.From the pick up at and transfer back to the airport, the accommodation, the complete sea-kayak equipment for my amazing multiday-tour among beautiful islands including planning and guiding me through the tour like with interesting spots, daily weather updates and many other things.

The very best of all was from my point of view that I got welcome in his family as it was mine.Many many thanks for all these. I definitely will come again!