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Reaching Us

Rab Island has great connections with the mainland, nearby airports and cities. Within a 3 hour drive there are 3 airports (Rijeka, Zadar and Zagreb), there are two ferry ports (Valbiska on Krk Island and Stinici on the mainland) and two catamaran lines (from Rijeka and Zadar). Ferry rides are frequent (every hour and more often in summer) and the catamaran lines are once per day (Zadar line active only in summer). 

If coming from Rijeka you can come with a Bus or with a catamaran  that leaves Rijeka harbour in the afternoon. The catamaran line from Zadar is operating in the summer months. 

If you're arriving from Zagreb (capital) than you can take a Bus to Rab. It will take you 3-4 hours to get here, and there are usually two lines daily.

You could also rent a car or arrange with us to organize a transfer.

If you're arriving from Dalmatia (Split or Zadar) than we suggest to take a Bus. There are no direct bus lines from Dalmatia to Rab Island so buy a ticket to Rijeka or Senj, then exit the bus near the Stinica port. You'll have to walk or hitchike to Ferry port. It is ca 3 km's to the port. 

Accommodation during the trip

We mostly camp in the forests and on the beaches, away from urban areas and mass tourism destinations. 

There is a room-based trip, where you paddle during the day and sleep at the house, but it is that type of tour. If the weather conditions are very bad, we postpone the tour and sleep in the rooms. Otherwise, we sleep in tents and sleeping bags, which are usually included in the trip price, or you can rent them from us for private trips.

You are welcome to bring your own camping gear but keep in mind the limited storage space in the kayaks.


A guide can "make or break" the trip. He is responsible for your safety and enjoyable experience. We employ only local boys who know the local weather conditions and nature well. There is no better way to experience Adriatic coastline than through the eyes and words of a local.

There are many companies (mostly illegal) from abroad using guides that can’t tell you much about Croatia except some basic facts and data from on-line sources. We do not judge their skills but, "when in Rome, do as the Romans do"!

There is no standard tip in Croatia, however, if you feel that our guides gave their best to provide a great time, a tip is a good way to show your appreciation.

Special dietary requirements

Having special dietary requirement is not a problem but the guides need to focus on the needs of the entire group, not individuals. The meals have to be simple enough to prepare in a short amount of time, but also provide enough energy and enjoyment. Some meals are heavy on the meat, while others on vegetables - but we always try to find balance. We do not prepare different meals to accommodate individual taste.  

We try to respect food preferenceswhen the guest has a health condtion, but not a life choice. Guests with celiac desease will receive a bag with gluten-free food which they can combine with the main meals prepared for the entire group.

Unfortunately, we are not able to serve vegan meals on most expedition trips, so please contact us before making a reservation if you have such requests.

You can bring your own food, like sweets and chocolates, but we provide the main meals.

If you are interested primarily in gastronomy we encourage you to book a gastro tour. Gastronomic tours are led by the first Croatian Masterchef Šime Sušić. It's a different type of kayaking experince, so make sure to book it early, due to limited number of tours.

Refunds due to bad weather

We reserve the right to delay, postpone, substitute or cancel a trip, as a matter of safety for our guests and guides. We will make the final decision whether to cancel (for safety reasons) on site, when the trip is scheduled to begin.

If we have to cancel, we are happy to reschedule when possible or we give a full refund, minus any booking fee. In case of cancellation during the tour we charge the days spent on the sea, minus the included transfer.

Joining or leaving mid-tour

We do not advise leaving in the middle of the tour as that can impact the cohesion of the group. If you are late a day or two for "Northern Delights" or "Around the Island" tours, that’s fine - there are locations where you can join.

If you wish to leave a day earlier that’s also OK, but only for the trips closer to Rab Island (so we can organize transfer). 

Discounts for return guests

If you have been with us on two or more expeditions you have the right for a discount. Make sure you visit "Sea Kayak Croatia Friendship Club" section of the website to check if you are eligable for a discount and the accompanied conditions. 

Minimum age requirement

Children and families are more than welcome on our trips, since we adjust the tour based on the preferences and capabilities of the group. To ensure the safety of the group, there are some age requirements, but it all depends on the experience of the group members. 

Family-friendly expeditions are those close to Rab Island. Group minimum is 4 guests, usually with two or three families per trip. We avoid risky situations, and the children need to have more than 7 years.

Passport, Visa and Travel Insurance

Make sure that you have a signed and valid passport for atleast 6 months after the date of your return. Your passport may be checked at hotels as all tourists have to register.

For most visitors visas are not required for stays shorter than 90 days. EU citizens can visit Croatia only with basic personal ID's.

Please make sure you have a personal insurance policy to cover yourself against sickness, accidents, loss of baggage, or trip cancellation, before beginning your tour. As life is unpredictable it is worth having it.

Custom-made tours

We allow and prepare custom tours (non-standard routes). Since we have a group minimum (which is usually 4 people), if two people are interested in a custom tour then we publish their departure date - and hope to find guests to make it economically viable.

There are no extra fees for custom tours for groups with a minimum of 4 people.

Single travelers

There is always one extra spot on our tours. Our clients come from all over the world so the groups are diverse. If you are a team-player you are welcome!

You don't need to pay the single supplement fee. On very few trips, where we use private accommodation, you have to pay the single supplement fee due to double occupancy accommodation.

Difference between Kayak Rental and an Expedition Trip

When you rent the kayaks we help you plan the route and provide tips. Once you set off you’re on your own to explore and enjoy - but we are always there in case of emergency or other unpredictable situations.

Expedition trips are led by our experienced guides, who know the weather conditions and natural surroundings very well. They can easily predict problems during the trip and provide the best solutions. They bring their experience, safety guidance, prepare meals, provide entertainment and the local know-how.