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Eufemija Bay

Eufemija Bay

The duration of the tour is 4 hours and includes passing under the walls of the old town, which the first Roman Emperor, Octavius August, built (September 23, 63 B.C – August 19. 14.)

The tour continues to the island of St. Juraj (the island of tears) or locally named Shkoljich and then to the shallow part where the lighthouse (Garfurin) is located.

Then you can choose from either jumping from the lighthouse or diving around his hill sides and then we continue toward Mount Frkanj.

Following the coastal area we arrive to the newly built perch for tuna-fishermen, in the Bay of St. Euphemia.

The braver have the chance to jump from a height of 12 meters.

After that we row and pass by a pit where rocks were dug up for producing the lime.

We arrive to the very end of the bay which looks like a swamp where there are many birds who hunt for their prey in the shallow end. Finally, we arrive to the Monastery of St. Bernard, which is mentioned under the name St. Euphemia because of the little church that was built in 1237 next to it. This is where we disembark and leave to visit this important historical monument from 1444 when monks inhabited the area. The duration of this tour is around one hour and includes a tour in the gallery of Ambrosie Testen and the ethnological museum.

After this spiritual visit and different stories which will take you back in history, we return to the present, rowing back towards Villa Banova by the seaside resort and the town’s promenade which is one of the most beautiful on the Adriatic.

Then follows a short break for lunch or dinner, depending on whether you chose the morning or afternoon tour.



  • Departure Dates

    Morning tour: Departure 9:30 / Arrival 14:00

    Afternoon tour: Departure 16:00 / Arrival 20:00

    You may choose the time of departure from 7:00 – 16:00 for tours above 4 people.

    Minimum: 2 people

    Price : 30 € per person

    • Kayak
    • Paddle
    • PFD
    • Dry bag
    • Tour Guide


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