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Lopar & Around St. Grgur

Lopar & Around St. Grgur

We have coffee and a short presentation of the programme.

We leave by van to San Marino or Lopar where our little kayak adventure begins.

We pass by sandy beaches and capes where the sea bottom can be seen till up to 20 meters.

We pass the Rab kanal by the cape Šilo and reach the island of Sv. Grgur where a women political prison used to be. After the Grgur cove we go ahead, rowing next to the naked northern side which is rich in sharp, narrow cliffs and great depths.

We pass by two capes after which we reach the southern side of this beautiful island rich with animal life.

When we get our last impressions we go back to cape Šilo and San Marino.



  • Departure Dates

    Starting point: Lopar, 9:30

    Daily activities: rowing,diving,swimming, trekking…

    Interesting sights: sandy beaches, cliffs, animals, Sv. Grgur- former political prison for women

    Minimum: 4 people

    Don’t forget: camera, water, sneakers, hat or cap, sandwich or any type of lunch

    • Guide
    • Kayak
    • Waterproof bags


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