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Kalifront Peninsula

Kalifront Peninsula

A brief presentation will be held while having coffee in our beach bar base.

After that we start rowing for 30 min to 1 hour-it depends on your shape and skills-after which we take shorter breaks to refresh in the sea.

This combination of rowing and refreshing follows untill we reach the St.Mara cove where we spend around 30 min in resting and relaxing.

Then we go towards cape Kalifront,to the large gaps made by the sea which created a beach in a semi-cave.

This area is perfect for diving because is situated on a plateau that falls down perpendiculary to a depth of 50 m and is rich in limestone cracks.

For those who dont prefer diving we have trekking by the 150 years old lime-kilns which were used for lime-making and are now natural home of different non-poisonous snakes(Rab doesn’t have venemous snakes).

If you are lucky,you might see some mouflons and does.

After cape Kalifront we have around 40 min of easy rowing to our final destination - Beach Mel in Kampor.



  • Departure Dates

    Starting point: Artić beach, 09:30

    Daily activities: rowing, diving, swimming, volley ball, trekking…

    Interesting sights: Coves and beaches (cca 30), old lime-kilns,semi-caves that used to be the habitation of mediterranean monk seal, biological variety,and (if we’re lucky) muflons and deer, plashes, forest tracks and a lot of legend stories from our guides

    Minimum: 4 people

    Don’t forget: camera, water, sneakers, hat or cap, sandwich or any type of lunch

    • Guide
    • Kayak
    • Waterproof Bags


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