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Supetarska Draga to Cape Sorinj

Supetarska Draga to Cape Sorinj

While having morning coffee, we introduce you to our route.

We leave by van to the lower Supetarska Draga where we put our kayaks in the sea and start the sightseeing and enjoying the nature.

We will visit 3 fascinating little islands which are situated at the entrance of the cove.

Sailovac, Srednjak and Maman are sandy islands connected with shallow water. We will stop on each of them so we can get to know them.

After that we head towards the Vardaška cove, and the cape Sorinj where we will enjoy bathing and diving in the sea.

An archaeological sight with ancient amphoras is situated there, and the importance of the sight is clear if we point out that National Geographic wrote about it.

If there is not high traffic at sea, we might see some dolphins. After bathing and exploring we head back towards Supetarska Draga, where our adventure ends.



  • Departure Dates

    Starting point: Supetarska Draga, 9:30

    Daily activities: rowing, diving, swimming, trekking…

    Interesting sights: 3 sandy islands, cliffs, arheological sight with amphoras,caves….

    Minimum: 4 people

    Don’t forget: camera, water, sneakers, hat or cap, sandwich or any type of lunch

    • Guide
    • Kayak
    • Waterproof bags


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