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Room / Apartment Based (8 Days)

Room / Apartment Based (8 Days)

A Real Relaxplorational 8 Day Trip

This is just a perfect trip as we can adjust day trips in distances to each difficulty.

We can host beginners,Families and Experienced Paddlers as well.

Our original plan is to Circumnavigate 3 Islands paddling around them in sections.

We’ll spend the nights in apartment at our Family Residence where we'll enjoy in delicious food at our grill terrace.

We also run Agrotourism and we have planted 200 Fig Trees among the other Mediterranean sorts of fruits.We also have a big Organic Garden from where we pick our delicious vegatables and herbs.Our property is situated not so far away from our base and we'll have a chance to visit it and have some grill there as well.

After everyday breakfast we'll have short transfers to our various start points where we'll unload our kayaks and explore the Island amazing coastline with hidden turquoise bays and emarald coves.If you don't feel to go out paddling for a day then you can stay at our place and we'll help you out in organizing the day.


The following itinerary should be seen as an approximate guide only. Our program may change depend on the local weather conditions and preferences of the group.In case of bad weather we'll explore the Island on foot.If too bad than we have our rooms where we can all enjoy together in stories,games and jokes.

Day 1 Arrival

Group Airport pick-up and transfer to our Family Residence Apartments or Hotel*. Dinner in local restaurant/tavern with traditional dish.

*Optional.Read more in Trip Info tab.

Day 2 | Town of Rab | 20 Km | 11 NM

Breakfast and trip presentation. Short transfer to near-by bay of Eufemija.Unloading Kayaks.

Paddling allong the coastline to reach The Town of Rab 2000.y.o. fortification walls elevated above the sea.

After paddling along the Frkanj peninsula we'll enter the turquoise waters of Kalifront forest coastline.

The part of this forest called Dundovo was declared in 1949 as natural rarity place for its evergreen Crnika Tree (Helm Oak Tree).There are many emerald coves to stop on our way before we reach the bay of Kampor from where we'll have 15 min transfer back to our base.

Day 3 | Prison Island of Grgur | 24 Km | 13 NM

After breakfast we'll have 20 minute transfer to Lopar from where we'll start kayaking around this unique peninsula. There are many sandy beaches surrounded with pine tree forest where we'll have a siesta. We’ll cross to former Political Prison Island of St.Gregory (Sv.Grgur) and paddle in Grgur Bay where we’ll have a lunch in our friend’s restaurant*.

Dish to serve is refreshing calamari on grill with potato or some meat dish.

We’ll then paddle around the Island where we’ll enjoy under high cliffs with great geology difference.After surrounding it we’ll get back to Lopar and paddle the rest of the Sandy Beaches before we end in Crnika Bay.Transfer back to apartments for a shower and rest. Walk to Marko Polo restaurant where we’ll have some traditional dish on modern way. 

*Restaurant on Grgur Island is open from June to end of September.If closed we'll have lunch package.

Day 4| Geo Park Rab | 20 Km | 11 NM

Breakfast and transfer to Lopar from where we’ll paddle along the E side of Rab. We’ll explore the Geological Park of Rab.

Our first stop is Medova Buža - cave where you can jump from the 4 meter high ceiling hole and refresh in crystal clear brackish water.The only way out is to have really short dive through the big underwater hole.

After refreshment we'll paddle  to reach the amazing beach of Ilo where we'll have a rest but before we'll enter in one cave with a kayak and enjoy in high cliff scenery.

Than we have one more cave to explore and many interesting sights before we reach the Moonscape Bay of Mag where we'll have our last rest stop or you can choose to have Overnight Experience camping under the stars.All camping gear like tents ,sleeping bags and floor pads is provided by us.Next day, after breakfast on the beach,we just continue to Zavratnica.

Follows 1:30 hour of paddling to reach the Mišnjak ferry port where we'll load our kayaks on the trailer and go for well deserved dinner.

Day 5 | Nature Park Zavratnica | 13 Km | 7 NM

Breakfast and short transfer to Pudarica Beach from where we’ll set off.Paddling along the coastline to reach Mišnjak bay from where we paddle across to mainland and visit the Zavratnica Bay situated in Park of Nature Velebit.

The bay is like miniature Fjord carved in massive Velebit Mountain.

We’ll have a short swim in bit cooler water than usual as there are many fresh water sources from the mountain.There is also one military ship wreck submerged in the bay and you can snorkel around it as it is in shallow part,just a meter from the surface.

Here we'll have our lunch and hike to Canyon top from where we can enjoy in spectacular view.On our way back we can stop in Jablanac village - known by the Mountain

House that is situated on the lowest ground level in the world,on only 26 meters.After visit we’ll paddle back to Mišnjak where we’ll load our kayaks and finish our day. Organized dinner in hotel.

Day 6 | Sandy Islands and Rocky Sorinj | 15 Km | 8 NM

Breakfast and short transfer to Bay of Kampor from where we’ll start our paddling day.

We’ll paddle to sandy Islands of Maman and stop for a swim before we reach next beach in crystal clear waters of cape Sorinj.

We'll also visit one of the oldest water mills on the Croatian part of the Adriatic.

After swim break we'll continue paddling along the coastline exploring bays and small beaches before we reach Lopar and have transfer back to our base.

Day 7 | Goli Otok Political Prison Island | 22 Km | 12 NM

Breakfast and short transfer to Lopar from where we’ll paddle to the Island of Goli .

Goli otok (Naked Island) or as it is known “The Croatian Alcatraz” is one of the best known and most infamous prisons in Europe following the Second World War, which opened in 1948 and closing in 1988.

We’ll have a short walk as we’ll need some time to paddle around the Island and finish our circumnavigation of 3 Islands in total ( Rab,St.Grgur and Goli Otok).

Transfer from Lopar to Rab and farewell dinner at our family house where we’ll serve you some good fresh fish on the grill and some domestic high quality wine as we hold 4 golden medals for red wine.Happy Holidays

Day 8 | Trip Finish

Breakfast and organized transfer to Airport.



  • Detailed Map
  • Price per Person

    Octobar to May - 980 € *

    June to September  - 1100 €*

    * minus 175 € without our acc.

    * minus 20 € if arriving on your own

    You can choose other accommodation

  • Season

    All Year

  • Difficulty

    *Easy | Inremediate | Advanced

    *Adjustable to Group preferences

  • Trip Type

    Room Based.Relaxplore.Cultural.Family

  • Departure Dates

    On Request Only

  • Departure Minimum

    4 People

  • Group Maximum

    6 People*

    *Private Groups up  to 16 people

  • Documents
  • Trip Begins / Ends

    Island and the Town of Rab

  • Nearest Airports

    Rijeka Airport RJK - 107 km

    Zagreb Airport ZGB - 217 km

    Zadar Airport ZAD - 148 km


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