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Around Rab Island (3 Days)



Consider this itinerary as a flexible guide, subject to adjustments based on local weather conditions and the preferences of the group..

Crafted for individuals with average to above-average physical fitness, this tour is perfect for those seeking a condensed yet immersive experience on our island. Ideal for those with limited time away from work, our optimized approach prioritizes more paddling time and fewer breaks compared to our 5-day tour around Rab Island. While we still explore key locations and relish delicious meals, the emphasis is on the thrill of paddling. Experienced paddlers can expect daily distances ranging from 18 to 25 kilometers.

Worried about your skill level? Beginners are more than welcome! For those newer to paddling, we tailor the route to include fewer kilometers and more stops, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Our starting point hinges on weather conditions. In the face of a robust eastern wind (Bura), our journey unfolds along the western side of the island. Conversely, if a resilient southern wind (Jugo) dominates, we navigate the northeastern shoreline.

Day 1 - Coastal Marvels and Hidden Coves

Embark on a thrilling journey as we load our kayaks and set out from the enchanting St. Eufemia bay. Paddling under the historic four tower bells of Old Town Rab, we navigate towards the Island of Love - Frkanj. Our route takes us to the protected Dundovo forest, where azure coves beckon for a refreshing swim. Lunch is a picturesque affair amidst the Kalifront forest, home to the majestic Mediterranean Helm Oak Trees. Snorkel in the submerged caves at Kalifront's cape before reaching our first-night camp on the sandy haven of Maman Island.

Day 2 - Sandy Beaches and Turquoise Caves

Wake up to breakfast with a view, and then paddle towards the captivating cape of Sorinj. Immerse yourself in the sea's embrace, exploring an archaeological site with ancient amphorae, a site featured by National Geographic. Keep an eye out for dolphins if the sea is calm. Our journey continues to the Lopar peninsula, where we’ll explore the sandy beaches before we cross the bay of Crnika to enter the Geological Park of Rab, passing under towering cliffs. Venture to the Medova Buža Cave system, where a turquoise cave beckons for a thrilling jump into its crystal-clear waters, home to a protected colony of bats. Keep watch for Griffin Vultures as we reach the Ilo beach, camping beneath Rab's highest peak, Kamenjak (412 meters).

Day 3 - Nature Park and Hidden Cove

Embark on a day of discovery as we paddle to the red sand bay of Mag. After securing our gear, we cross the 1-mile long canal to reach the breathtaking Nature Park of Zavratnica, a miniature fjord. Swim and snorkel around a sunken World War II ship before retracing our route back to Rab where we’ll finish our tour.

Packing of the kayak is most important as we share the load. Do not take any unnecessary things, too much clothes or bulky items. The 20l dry bag should be enough for your personal items.

We advise you to come a day earlier to the Island and have a good night's rest.

If you need accommodation for the first night, feel free to ask. Price range is from 30,00 € for a room and 45-60,00 € for an apartment (not per person).

July and August have very high temperatures, long and sunny days but a lot of tourists on the beaches (and speedboats on the sea). June and September are far less busy but the weather conditions are more unpredictable. Take these facts into consideration when planning your trip.

You can leave your suitcases and backpacks at our base for free.

Car parking is free of charge, close to the starting point.

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2 Nights, 3 Paddling Days
Artić Beach
Lopar or Mišnjak Ferry Port
Intermediate, Intermediate to challenging
Guide, Water, Meals, Transfer from ending point, Waterproof bag, Spray skirt, Kayak (double or single), Life jacket, Transfer to starting point
Orders in bars or restaurants, Entrance tickets to museums, national parks, theaters etc., Ticket to Zavratnica Fiord on optional day (+ 4,00 €), Drinks in bars or restaurants, Tent (can be rented), Sleeping bag (can be rented), Air Mattress
Camera, Swimsuit, Water bottle, Beach accessories, Hat / cap, Sun cream

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