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Northern Delights (7 Days)



The provided itinerary serves as a rough outline, subject to change based on local weather conditions and group preferences..

Day 1 – Arrival and Introduction

We will convene either at our designated meeting place during the day, facilitating room arrangements for those who have booked with us. For those with independent bookings, we'll meet over dinner (details upon your arrival). Following dinner, we'll delve into the itinerary, trip plans, and essential information. As guests arrive throughout the day, early arrivals can explore the charming old town center, nearby beaches, or simply unwind. Rest well for the upcoming adventure-filled days..


Day 2 - Kalifront Peninsula / Geo-Park Rab – 16 km

Our starting point depends on weather conditions. In case of a robust north-eastern wind (Bura), we'll paddle along the western side, exploring the City walls and Kalifront peninsula. For a stronger southern wind (Jugo), our route will traverse the northern or north-eastern shoreline, beneath Mt. Kamenjak. Kalifront peninsula, a vast and pristine forest area, boasts diverse wildlife and sandy coves. The eastern side, facing Mt. Kamenjak, is rugged yet captivating with pebbly beaches, cliffs, and clear seas—designated as a Geological Park. Typically, our journey begins around 09:30 on day one.


Day 3 - Sv. Grgur Island – 18 km

Our objective is Sv. Grgur, Rab's neighboring island, once a political prison. En route, stops include the popular Lopar Peninsula, Croatia's geological landmark, featuring numerous sandy beaches. Cave visits and a refreshing swim are part of the day's adventures.


Day 4 -Stara Baška (Krk Island) – 20 km

Our route leads to the barren Prvić Island, a botanical and zoological reserve, for a brief swim stop. Paddling towards Krk Island, we navigate the narrow passage of Senjska Vrata before reaching Stara Baška, our overnight beach spot.


Day 5 – Town of Krk and Island of Plavnik – 22 /30 km

Our route along the picturesque coastline leads us to Krk town, where we restock on food and water and take the opportunity to explore the town. Following a leisurely break, we embark on an hour-long crossing to Plavnik Island, renowned as both a zoological and botanical reserve and the nesting ground for Griffon Vultures. While Griffon Vultures inhabit various parts of Europe, the Kvarner population is globally distinctive as these birds choose to nest directly above the sea, unlike their counterparts in mountainous regions. The night is spent amidst the enchanting holm oak forest. For groups with robust capabilities or those on a private tour, there's an option to venture into the small rounded bay of Punat before reaching Krk town. Here, the small islet of Košljun awaits exploration. Despite its seemingly modest size of 68,500 square meters, Košljun claims an astonishing variety of flora—over 400 plant species and 151 registered types of mushrooms. The island's expansive forest, covering 65%, invites peaceful walks, meditation, relaxation, and exploration of the fifteenth-century Franciscan monastery with its accompanying museum. The total tour length encompasses 30 km.


Day 6 - Cres Island – 20 km

After a satisfying breakfast, we navigate the cliffs of Plavnik and traverse the narrow 1 km-wide Krushia, the deepest channel in the bay of Kvarner—measuring 113 meters. Our destination is Cres Island, where we pause briefly before continuing to explore this captivating part of the island. Crossing the 45th parallel, the shoreline unfolds with beautiful pebbly beaches, cliffs housing nesting Griffon Vultures, and imposing rock formations..


Day 7 – Back to Krk and finish – 15km

Post-breakfast, we paddle across the 5 km-wide channel to return to Krk Island. After a short break, we continue our exploration along the west coast until we reach the Valbiska ferry port by noon. Here, our journey concludes. Participants can decide whether to return to Rab Island with us or proceed with their own plans. For those with belongings at our Rab base, they'll be transported via ferry. If your car is left on Rab, we can arrange its ferry transfer to your location. Additional details can be found in our extra notes box.


All kayaking participants are required to wear a life jacket for safety.

Efficient packing in the kayak is crucial, as we carry most supplies. Avoid unnecessary bulk and excessive clothing. A 20-liter dry bag should suffice for personal items.

For those needing accommodation on the first night, feel free to inquire. Prices range from €30.00 for a room to €45-60.00 for an apartment (not per person).

If arranging your accommodation, ensure proximity to our address at Banjol 341, with the town center just 15 minutes (1.2 km) away.

Car parking is complimentary and conveniently located near the starting point.

You may leave suitcases and backpacks at our base for free, and we'll send them to you on the last day via ferry.

If your car is on Rab and you want it transported to Krk Island on the trip's final day, please specify in advance. The service cost is €30.00, excluding the ferry ticket.


For those with departing flights on the final day, an earlier arrival at the ferry port is necessary. If your flight is the next day or later, consider securing a room in Krk Town for an overnight stay. .

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7 Days, 6 Nights, 6 Paddling Days
Rab Island
Valbiska Ferry Port (Krk Island)
10, Private groups up to 16 people
Easy to intermediate, Intermediate
Guide, Water, Meals, Waterproof bag, Spray skirt, Kayak (double or single), Life jacket, Transfer to starting point
Any transfer not described in the itinerary, Orders in bars or restaurants, Entrance tickets to museums, national parks, theaters etc., Ticket to Zavratnica Fiord on optional day (+ 4,00 €), Drinks in bars or restaurants, Tent (can be rented), Sleeping bag (can be rented), Air Mattress, Transfers to and from Airport
Boots, Swimsuit, Water bottle, Beach accessories, Sun cream

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