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Northern Delights (7 Days)



The following itinerary should be seen as an approximate guide only. Our program may change depending on the local weather conditions and preferences of the group.

Day 1 – Arrival and meeting

We will meet at our place during the day and get you settled in the rooms if you have booked with us. If you have booked on your own then we will meet at dinner (time and place will be noted upon your arrival) and after it, we'll go through the itinerary, plans for the trips and basic information. The guests will be arriving throughout the day so if you come earlier in the day there should be plenty of time to visit the picturesque old town center, go to the beach (there are some close to our place) or simply relax. Don’t worry, we’ll give you some tips. Make sure you have a good night's sleep since the next days will be filled with adventure and activities.


Day 2 - Kalifront Peninsula / Geo-Park Rab – 16 km

The starting point will depend on the weather/wind conditions. If a stronger north-eastern wind is blowing (Bura) we'll paddle first along the western side of the island along the City walls and Kalifront peninsula, and if there is a stronger southern wind (Jugo) we'll paddle along the islands northern or north-eastern shoreline, under Mt. Kamenjak.

Kalifront peninsula is a large and well-preserved forest area with rich wildlife and multiple sandy coves located between stony capes. The eastern side under Mt. Kamenjak is rugged and mostly barren due to exposure to Bura wind, but also beautiful due to pebbly beaches, high cliffs, clear and clean sea, interesting geological shapes and structures. That’s why this part is proclaimed to be a Geological Park. We usually start from our base around 09:30 on day one.


Day 3 - Sv. Grgur Island – 18 km

The goal is to reach Sv. Grgur, Rab's neighboring island, a former political prison from the socialist era. Along the way, we make a few stops, of which the most popular is Lopar Peninsula - Croatia's geological landmark, due to numerous sandy beaches (fine sand beaches are a rare sight in Croatia). We will also visit some caves and jump into one of them.


Day 4 -Stara Baška (Krk Island) – 20 km

We head first to the barren Prvić Island (botanical and zoological reserve) where we’ll make a short swim stop. Then we’ll paddle to Lighthouse and get across the narrow passage of Senjska Vrata (Doors of Senj Town) to get toKrk Islandwhere we'll make another swim stop for lunch in one of the hidden bays before we reach Stara Baška where we usually spend the night on the beach


Day 5 – Town of Krk and Island of Plavnik – 22 /30 km

We will follow the scenic coastline until we reach the town of Krk where we will resupply our food and water and have exploration of the town. After the long break, we will have an hour crossing to reach the Island of Plavnik. Another zoological and botanical reserve. Plavnik is also the nesting place for Griffon Vultures.

Even though griffon vultures live in other parts of the world (e.g. in Europe, there are griffon vultures in Spain, France, Italy, Serbia, Greece, and Bulgaria), the Kvarner population is unique in the world because these birds nest right above the sea, while in other regions they nest mostly in mountain areas.Overnight in mystical holm oak forest.

In case that the group is „stronger“ or have booked a private group tour, before we reach the town of Krk, we can enter the small rounded bay of Punat with a small islet of Košljun.

However, despite its size is not so small, as on only 68,500 square meters, claims over 400 different plant species (which would be more than the islands of Great Britain), of which there were 151 registered different types of mushrooms. 65% of the island is covered with rich forest, which is intended for peaceful walks, meditation, relaxation, and exploration of the Franciscan monastery from the fifteenth century with the museum. Tour length is 30 km.


Day 6 - Cres Island – 20 km

Breakfast and paddling the cliffs of Plavnik and crossing only 1 km wide Krushia, the deepest channel in the bay of Kvarner – 113 meters, to reach the Island of Cres.We'll have a short break and then we'll continue paddling and exploring this amazing part of Cres island, also crossing the 45th parallel.

Shoreline is saturated with beautiful pebbly beaches, cliffs where the griffon vultures are nesting and large rock formations.


Day 7 – Back to Krk and finish – 15km

After breakfast we'll paddle across the 5 k's wide channel to reach the Island of Krk where we'll have a short break. We will continue exploring the west coast before we reach the Valbiska ferry port by noon. Upon arrival we'll prepare the gear and kayaks for transportation back to Rab. This is where our trip ends. You can decide if you want to come back to Rab Island with us, or go somewhere else if you have a plan. If your personal belongings are at our base on Rab, those will be arriving via ferry. If you have left your car on Rab we can send it with the ferry to you. Read more in our extra notes box.


All guests must wear a life jacket while kayaking.

Packing of the items in the kayak is very important as we carry most of the supplies with us. Do not take unnecessary or bulky items and too many clothes. The 20l dry bag should be enough for your personal items.

If you need accommodation for the first night, feel free to ask. Price range is from 30,00 € for a room and 45-60,00 € for an apartment (not per person).

If you book accommodation by yourself, make sure to be close to our address at Banjol 341. The town centre is just 15 min (1.2 km) away.

Car parking is free of charge, close to the starting point.

You can leave your suitcases and backpacks at our base for free and we will send them to you on the last day with a ferry.

If you left your car on Rab and wish to have it transported to you on Krk Island on the last day, we can arrange it, but such requests need to be specified prior to the trip. The price for the service is 30 ,00 € without the ferry ticket.

If your plane leaves on the same day we finish, earlier arrival to the ferry port is needed. If the plane leaves the next day or in a few days, we suggest getting a room in Krk Town for overnight.

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7 Days, 6 Nights, 6 Paddling Days
Rab Island
Valbiska Ferry Port (Krk Island)
10, Private groups up to 16 people
Easy to intermediate, Intermediate
Guide, Water, Meals, Waterproof bag, Spray skirt, Kayak (double or single), Life jacket, Transfer to starting point
Any transfer not described in the itinerary, Orders in bars or restaurants, Entrance tickets to museums, national parks, theaters etc., Drinks in bars or restaurants, Tent (can be rented), Sleeping bag (can be rented), Air Mattress, Transfers to and from Airport
Camera, Boots, Swimsuit, Water bottle, Beach accessories, Hat / cap, Sun cream