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Around Rab Island (5 Days)



The following itinerary should be seen as an approximate guide only. Our program may change depend on the local weather and preferences of the group.

Our starting point will depend on the weather conditions. Should there be a stronger eastern wind (Bura) we'll paddle first along the western side of the island, and if there is a strong southern wind (Jugo) we'll paddle along the islands northeastern shore, which will allow us to visit neighboring island of Sv. Grgur (optional detour).

Our goal is to circumnavigate the island, but focus more on remote areas untouched by urbanization or mass tourism. Western side of Rab Island is greener, with numerous beaches, rocky capes and sandy coves in between. Sandy beaches are characteristic for north-eastern side of the island while the east side is very barren, with fewer beaches but amazing cliffs and interesting geological structures.