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Six Islands (9 Days)



If you have some paddling experience and an interest in good food and wine, than this is the right trip for you. Besides exploring and swimming in the crystal clear and turquoise sea we'll enjoy in tasting the best Croatian wines, cheeses and olive oils. Our guide – MasterChef Šime Sušić will combine to seek out the best food and most exciting kayaking in the Mediterranean. We'll pass 6 Islands, paddle the Geological Park of Rab, explore the former political prison on the St. Gregory Island, Circumnavigate the rugged Island of Prvich, explore the Roman town of Krk,visit the old Monastery Island , camp in the old Oak tree forest of Plavnik, paddle the coast of Cres and snorkel wherever we'll find time. We'll also be on a lookout for Dolphins, deer’s and the biggest Eurasian birds – The Griffon vultures.

Day 1 - Arrival & Rab Sightseeing

Arrival to the Island on your own arrangement. We can help you planning or we can do a group transfer from the Airport. Dinner with traditional dish at our residence followed by the trip briefing. We will give out dry bags so you can pack later for the trip. You can also leave the excess luggage stored at our base and we'll bring it to you back on day 9. Our base is 15 min walk from the center of the old town so you can take it easy while exploring the long and interesting history. Rab is dating back to 10 y.B.C. Overnight is on your own. Only dinner is included.

Day 2 - Geo Park Rab & Cheese Tasting

We’ll pick you after the breakfast and transfer you to our starting point of paddling, on the beach of Pudarica. We'll load our kayaks and start our gourmet adventure. We will stop for a lunch in the Bay of Mag and have a swim as well. Then is time to get paddling again, toward our destination point-the Bay of Ilo, situated under the highest point of the Island (408 m.) On our way to Ilo we'll enjoy in beautiful clear & turquoise sea and in the rock surrounded scenery. Our dinner will be served on the most beautiful pebble beach on the NE side of Rab. Tonight we'll have a taste of Croatian cheese made in several surrounding areas like the we’ll known salty cheese from the Island of Pag , the cheese from Krasno in the Velebit Mountains , cheese from Dalmatian remote places and so on...

BLD | Camping | Paddling distance: 18 km

Day 3 - Island of Grgur and White Wine Night

After breakfast we'll continue exploring the NE side of the Island by passing by the fresh proclaimed Geological Park. That means that this side is geologically diverse with all kinds of natural wonders. We'll stop in few caves, paddle under high cliffs and we'll even jump into one big cave and then dive out from her. The next stop for lunch will be on the Island of Grgur. Than we'll paddle under some more cliffs before we reach the camp in the main port where was the former political prison.While having a dinner we'll probably be surrounded with few dears that will wait to get some food. One of the dears is so gentle that he'll eat from your hands. Tonight we’ll have a wine tasting session. We’ll try some of the best local white wine but the wine from all over the Croatia as we’ll. Our deer’s don’t drink wine.

BLD | Camping | Paddling distance: 22 km

Day 4 - Rugged Island and Red Wine Tasting

As all of our wines are high quality products you will wake up without headache for a breakfast. After greeting with our forest friends we’ll paddle across the canal toward the rough Island of Prvich, We’ll make a circumnavigation and see this biggest Croatian unsettled Island and his high cliffs where the Griffon Vultures are nesting. Then we’ll cross the Senjska Vrata canal and paddle by the coast of the Island of Krk until we reach the bay of St. Nicholas where we’ll have a dinner. Tonight is another wine tasting but this time we’ll try some of the best red, or how we call it „black wines“ of the Croatia.

BLD | Camping | Paddling distance: 22 km

Day 5 - Punat - The Bay of Olives

After breakfast we paddle by the numerous bays and beaches and in few of them we’ll make a stop for a swim and snorkel. We’ll pass the lighthouse on cape Negrit and few miles later we’ll make a stop for another swim. After that we’ll enter into the sheltered bay of Punat – a town well known by the olive plantation. We’ll visit the small island of Košljun where is situated the old Monastery with some rear collections like the Ptolemy’s atlas printed in Venice in 1511 (one of the three preserved copies).After visit this pictures Island we'll paddle toward our camp.

BLD | Camping | Paddling distance: 22 km

Day 6 - Roman Krk and Mystical Plavnik - Olive Oil Tasting

We’ll paddle, after breakfast, toward the old roman town of Krk on the same named Island. We’ll visit his historical sights and then we’ll paddle forward to the Island of Plavnik, first passing by his North side and then we’ll settle down in his South forested bay. This Island, as any else in Croatia, has his own history. We’ll visit the ruins of the village and enjoy our sleeping in the old Oak Tree forest. Tonight is the olive tasting session and we’ll try more than 6 species of olive oil made from the different areas and on different way with different species of olives.

BLD | Camping | Paddling distance: 16 km

Day 7 - Vulture Day

Today is our longest paddling day . After breakfast we’ll have a short paddle to the cliffs where the Griffon Vultures are nesting. We are not allowed to make any noise here which will give us more enjoy in our morning paddling. It would be good to take some binoculars or you can borrow from our guide. The next step is short crossing to reach our 6’th Island on the list, the Island of Cres .Paddling will take us along the beautiful coastline with nice small beaches and what amazing is that you will notice how the forest type is suddenly changing and it is because we are passing the 45’Th parallel. We’ll make few stops on the way before we reach our pebble beach for the night.

BLD | Camping | Paddling distance: 20 km

Day 8 - Beli 

Breakfast and our last paddling day paddling under the cliffs where the Vultures are nesting. We’ll use a campsite under the town of Beli that is situated on 130 meters high hill. Beli have 45 residents but that number is way lower in the winter time. A perfect place to ease your mind and set up the tents after we have lunch.

It is also possible to have a room in Pansion Tramontana if want and we can book it for you.

Then is time to visit the Research-Educational Centre for the Protection of Nature in Beli. This world known rehabilitation center for Griffon Vultures is home to few of them that have fall into the sea or they have some injuries (we saved one that got stuck in the cave). To help them out in their recovery process you can adopt one of them for a year. Our last dinner is in the restaurant.

BLD | Camping | Paddling distance: 8 km

Day 9 - Transfers

Breakfast and packing the rest of the gear. Organized transfer to Town of Cres Bus station or we can transfer you to Krk Island/Rijeka Airport and the ferry port of Valbiska or you can drive with us back to Rab as well. We can also help you out arranging the transfer to various destinations.

If you need room accommodation before the trip starts feel free to ask us and we’ll try to find one. Price range is around 30,00 € for a room and 60,00 € for the apartment (not per person).

It is safe to leave your car anywhere on the island since there are basically no criminal activities. We'll point you where you can leave your car, close to the starting point.

Transfer from finishing point on Cres Island to Rab Island is possible and free of charge.

July and August trips are extremely „relaxplorational“ due to high temperatures and strong sun. We have longer breaks and more swimming stops.

Your personal items left at our base will be transfered back to you on the last day.


9 Days, 7 Nights, 6 Padding Days
Easy to intermediate
Guide, Water, Meals, Waterproof bag, Spray skirt, Kayak (double or single), Life jacket, Sojourn tax, Transfer to starting point, Tent
Any transfer not described in the itinerary, Orders in bars or restaurants, Entrance tickets to museums, national parks, theaters etc., Sleeping bag (can be rented)
Camera, Boots, Swimsuit, Water bottle, Beach accessories, Hat / cap, Sun cream

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