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Paddling Experience Form

Please fill out the following form so we can prepare a safe and delightful kayaking holiday, suited to your preferences and experience.

By filling out this form, you acknowledge that you understood the questions, risks involved and accepted the terms and conditions.

This form will be signed upon your arrival and before the beginning of the trip. If under 18 years, the form will require the signature of your parent or legal guardian.

There are always risks involved in adventure activities. We take all reasonable steps to provide you with the best level of care and assurances of safety. The nature of the risks may be different from those you are familiar with and may require an attitude and approach different from other activities you have taken part in.

Please, listen to your guide. Wearing the Life-Jacket all the time in the kayak is non-negotiable.

We expect clients to contribute to their own and each others safety by following the instructions given by guides.

Our itinerary should be seen as an approximate guide only. Parts of the trip, routes and activities, may change depending on the local weather conditions and preferences of the group.