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Small Company for Big Expeditions on the Croatian Adriatic

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2332With a finish of our new web page we can proudly announce that our doors are open to all who are interested to become our partners in adventure tourism!

There is a limited number of companies that we want to work with so if you are interested in professional partnership please take one minute to read this.

As we have mention above ,we are looking for serious companies, enthusiasts, clubs, shops or any travel related people who are interested to sell our trips or to promote our activities.

Croatian part of the Adriatic sea counts 1244 Islands, Islets ad reefs and to paddle in that labyrinth is simply amazing.We offer kayaking from North to South and each year we offer at least one new carefully designed tour. There are few National and Nature Parks where we paddle and some rivers are included as well.

What can we provide?


  • On the first place we will provide you professional and friendly service
  • Paddling the best locations in the Adriatic
  • Answer on any question from your client that you don't know how to answer to.
  • We will supply you with excellent photography and detailed descriptions.
  • Photography that is not yet published by other partners
  • We can provide you the exclusive right to sell some of our trips in your country if they are not already provided.However , for that privilege we are looking for really serious partners who can show us their booking and advertising skills .
  • We can make a unique tour itinerary just for your company and you can have an exclusive right to sell it.The trips can be easy graded or hard challenge with no limits in days.
  • Safety and professional guiding with native guides , great meals and a lot of fun with your/our clients.
  • A piece of history and tradition from each Island.
  • We'll provide safe , enjoyable and comfortable sea kayak gear and camping equipment.
  • Booking of Hotel or other accommodation to your clients before or after the tour.
  • That our guides wear your company T-shirt or hat

Each program you request can be customized for the exclusive use of your group. We will be glad to develop a program according to your client interests and ability.

What can you do?

  • You can translate our trips on your language and publish on your web page
  • Promote trips over social network websites like facebook,blog or twitter
  • Play with our high resolution photography and print brochures
  • Find a selling partner in your country who will sell our (your) trips.
  • Join us on some adventures to see how we work .
  • Publish it in your local or country magazines.
  • Publish it in specialized sea kayaking or other travel related magazines or on on-line travel websites
  • Make a slide show night with our photography so you can attract more clients
  • Promote our/your trips on Travel & Tourism Trade Shows

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