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Carefully check through all essential items listed below to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.

The dress code on Croatian Islands is more relaxed than on the mainland.

We provide all necessary paddling and safety equipment.

Our kayaks are designed for longer expeditions to carry a large amount of equipment but they do have their limitations. Storage space is limited, and considering we carry a lot of food and supplies with us, make sure you take as little personal items as possible. One 20l bag should be able to fit all your personal items.

"Tipping" is a common thing in Croatia. If you feel you have received excellent service then feel free to leave a tip. Croatian people are very generous when leaving tips. Shop prices are fixed, bartering is not a tradition in Croatia.

We provide food supplies during the trip and pay for the restaurant meals, however the guests pay for their own drinks, so make sure you always have some cash on hand.

Clothing and Equipment

  • pair of shorts
  • lightweight pants
  • two T-shirts
  • long sleeve shirt for sun protection while paddling (preferably white colour)
  • sweater, jacket, socks during colder months - early May, late September...
  • pair of underwear
  • sandals
  • running shoes or lightweight hiking boots
  • head lamp
  • sunglases (polarized) 
  • suncream
  • insect repellent
  • small towel
  • wide-brimmed hat
  • small dry-bag or waterproof case for digital devices
  • minimal personal toiletries
  • lightweight and compact sleeping bag with dry-bag
  • medications if you use any

Optional Items

  • gloves
  • cards/games, books or magazines
  • binoculars
  • camera
  • snorkeling gear

Food and Drinks

Quality of tap water in Croatia is at a high level. Due to lack of established industries on the coast there have been no major incidents of pollution and the sea is crystal clear and clean. We recommend having a 1.5l water bottle with you during the tour and 7l bottles will be used to refill personal ones.

The food in the restaurants and bars is safe, Croatia has very high sanitation standards and restaurants are regularly inspected. In the first day or two of our excursion trips we use fresh meat, vegetables and other ingredients, however after more days we have to use canned food or try to resupply since the supplies have a very short expiry date in the warm kayaks (summer temperatures in Croatia are usually above 30 Celsius). 


The Croatian currency is the Kuna (Kn/HRK), which is divided into 100 lipas (lp). You can exchange most currencies and most credit cards are accepted. The value of the Kuna is tied to the value of the Euro. It is quite common for accommodation to be priced in Euros, however you pay in Kuna for accommodation, food and services.

ATM's are readily available in all resorts, towns and cities in Croatia, in banks, supermarkets and many other establishments. Always have cash on hand since not every expense is included in the trip price (entrance fees to museums, cinemas or National Parks, drinks in restaurants and bars, medical services etc.)