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The Croatian currency is the Kuna (local abbreviation- kn, international abbreviation-HRK), which is divided into 100 lipas (lp). When visiting Croatia, you can exchange most currencies and most credit cards are accepted. Notes consist of 500, 200, 100, 50, 20,10 and 5 kuna. Each bears a likeness to a Croatian hero.
Each kuna is divided into 100 lipa. There are silver coloured 50 and 20 lipa coins and bronze 10 lipa coins. The value of the kuna is tied to the value of the euro. It is quite common for accommodation to be priced in euros however you will mostly pay in kuna.

6416ATM's are readily available in all resorts, towns and cities in Croatia, in banks, supermarkets and many other establishments. Most machines offer a choice of languages. UK Pounds, US Dollars and Euros are easily exchangeable in Croatia, although other currencies can be changed too. Hotel exchange rates are probably quite poor, so you'll probably be better off changing your money in a bank or in one of numerous Bureaux de Change dotted around towns.

Tippings are already included in your restaurant bill however; if you feel you have received excellent service then feel free to leave a tip.Croatian people are very generous in leaving the tips.They allways leave something,specially to waiters.Shop prices are fixed so there is no chance of bargaining however in street markets it is quite acceptable to barter.


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