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Small Company for Big Expeditions Across the Adriatic

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Tour Difficulty

0 000 31Easy: a sea kayak tour of less than 15 kms (per day). Suitable for any level of fitness and for people without any sea kayaking experience.

Intermediate: a sea kayak tour of 15 to 18 kms (per day). Suitable for people who have kayaked on at least 2 previous day trips and for people who are not ‘unfit’.

Advanced: a sea kayak tour of 18+ kms (per day). Suitable for people who have kayaked many times before and for people with an average or above fitness level.

Trip Types

0 10 000 19

Pomalo: All of our trips are in Pomalo mood, a synonym for Slow, Time Does Not Exist , Laidback Island Lifestyle.This means that we paddle close to the coastline without any A-B point fast paddling.Sea Kayaking is enjoying!

Just sometimes when the weather is not on our side we have to speed it up :-) 

Family: Trip suitable for Families and children from age of 8.Possible custom trips for younger children as well. We do separate departures with families.

Combo: Trips where we combine sports and sightseeing of Croatia.

Relaxploration: Trip where we explore the area in relaxing way without any rush. Suitable for beginner paddlers and Families.

Cultural: A subset of tourism concerned with a region's culture, specifically the lifestyle of the people in those geographical areas, the history of those people, their art, architecture, religion(s), and other elements that helped shape their way of life.

000 40Gourmet: Tour where we combine adventures and delicious food. Most of the trips are guided by our MasterChef Šime Sušić-the first winner of Croatian MasterChef Show. We combine modern cooking techniques with traditional food recipes from specific area of Croatia.

Expedition: A trip designed for discovery and furthering of knowledge. We cover few Islands combined with long distances and the trip is usually longer than one week, however we take it Pomalo Way Anyway. Expedition trips are design in a way that we take most of the food and water with us and share the load. It is not suitable for beginners at all.

Boat Based Tour: Boat based adventure is a great combination of a scenic boat tour and a guided kayak tour. We usually paddle in the morning and afternoon with siesta after lunch and cruising along the coast to spend evenings in the protected bays or harbors. Our meals are prepared on the boat as well.



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