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Around Cres With No Stress (13 Days)



13 day expedition / 11 days kayaking | Distance: 200 km’s


Archipelago  of  BIOdiversity &  Culture

Join us in this unforgettable adventure where we'll circumnavigate the Croatian biggest* Island.

*Traditionally, Krk had been thought to be the largest Adriatic island, with an area of 405.78 km2 (156.67 sq mi),until geographical survey and remeasurements done in 2011 determined that the neighboring island of Cres has an equal surface area


Situated in North part of Adriatic in Bay of Kvarner lays the Island of Cres. This Island offers breathtaking scenes and amazing stories of history.

First settled by Liburnians that founded first villages Apsoros (Osor) and Crepsa (cres) and then conquered by Romans in 2'nd century. The Island of Cres was much bigger in the past but Romans dig the 100 meter long canal in Osor and thus, created two Islands, Cres and Lošinj that was founded 12 centuries later in year 1280.The whole archipelago was called Apsyrtides.

The whole Island is hiding some unique places like many bays and beaches melted in turquoise colors of crystal clear sea, caves, cliffs and wildlife. The 45’Th parallel that is crossing the Island is giving two faces of nature and here are the highest tops of North Adriatic Islands. With only 9,7 residents (2900) on square kilometer there is plenty of place for nature and its habitants .Deer, mouflon, rabbit, many reptiles, goat and sheep. 

Plenty of forest and cliffs protected as ornithological reserve provide shelter for birds like eagle, hawk, falcon, owl and the Griffon Vulture –the symbol of Cres. We’ll meet them in close and learn something about them. We also might meet some Dolphins while paddling in first Dolphin reserve on Mediterranean.

The tour is not designed just to see the nature but culture as well. We’ll start from picturesque town of Beli situated on the top of the hill and visit town of Osor, swim and rest on the most beautiful beach under the cliffs of town of Lubenice, paddle along some small villages to reach historical town of Cres and finish again in Beli.


The following itinerary should be seen as an approximate guide only. Our program may change depend on the local weather conditions and preferences of the group.

Day 1 – Beli

- One group pick-up from Town of Cres to Beli where we'll be accommodated in private rooms at Pansion Tramontana. Trip briefing followed by the welcome dinner.

Beli is one of the oldest acropolis-type towns on the island, located on a 130-metre-high hill.From Here you can do Zip-Line over the amazing pebble beach and visit the Center for protection of Eurasian Griffons.

Possible group pick-up from Airport or town of Rijeka

Day 2 - Beli - La Plaža | 9 Km

After breakfast we'll have short transfer to the beach where we'll spend some time in loading our kayaks for following expedition. On the first day we'll paddle down south exploring the amazing cliffs of Cres East side where the griffons are nesting in the protected Ornithological reserve. We'll camp on the beautiful pebble beach.

Day 3 - Cres to Plavnik Island | 17 Km

After breakfast we'll continue to explore amazing coast of Cres and pass the 45th parallel before we reach the village of Merag and continue paddling to Island of Plavnik where Vultures are nesting as well. We’ll camp in the mystical Oak tree forest and explore the abended village on the top.

Day 4 - Plavnik - Orlec | 16 Km

Breakfast and short paddle back to Cres Island to reach turquoise cape of Tarej. We'll spend the day in exploring the coastline for a lookout on the Dolphins before we reach the place for the night under the Eagle Town.

Day 5 - Orlec - Meli | 18 Km

Packing for the day and continuing paddling south. We’ll explore caves and the last part of high cliffs with Vultures. We’ll camp in the sandy bay.

Day 6 - Meli - Punta Križa | 17 Km

From Sandy Bay we continue paddling exploring the lower part of the Island before we reach the bay from where we can hike to the village for a coffee or ice cream. Our camp for the night will be a green grass and small sandy beach from where we will enjoy in a view on Rab Island and distanced Velebit Mountain.

Day 7 - Punta Križa - Osor | 20 Km

We'll pass the most southern point of the Island and then paddle into the channel of Lošinj and have short paddling to Island of Lošinj where we'll camp in the real camp with shower and other facilities where you can wash your gear and buy additional stuff in the shop. We’ll have a short sightseeing of the historical town of Osor that was an important center of trade on the route to the ports of Northern Adriatic.

Day 8 - Osor - Lubenice | 24 Km

Today is our longest paddling day so we'll leave earlier than usual. There are few bays on our way to explore and a nice small village of Martinščica as well. Before we hit the pebble beach to camp overnight we'll explore the cave that is near-by. Camping is under the small town of Lubenice (watermelon) situated on the high cliff.

Day 9 - Lubenice - Valun | 20 Km

Breakfast and paddling to the Pernat Cape where we'll stop for a lunch. We’ll explore few more beaches before we get to cozy village of Valun where we can have coffee or ice cream and rest before we hit to the beach in the main bay.

Day 10 -Valun - Cres - Sv.Blaž | 20 Km

We'll explore the big Bay of Valun before we reach the Town of Cres for a short sightseeing and lunch. We will than continue to paddle steep coastline to reach our amazing place for the night where we'll enjoy camping on the grass and explore the church remaining’s.Today we'll again cross the 45th paralell.

Day 11 - Sv.Blaž - Porozina | 20 Km

We'll continue paddling the steep coastline and explore small beaches and fish farm. We’ll enter the Big Channel separating Kvarner Bay from Istria Peninsula passing by the main ferry port to reach the beach for the nigh.

Day 12 - Porozina - Beli | 17 Km

Our last paddling day. After reaching the most Nortern part of the Island we'll head back south paddling under the Tramontana forest and have few swim stops before we reach our final destination - the Town of Beli where we'll finish our circumnavigation of the Island of Cres and have last dinner. Overnight in private accommodation.

Day 13 – Tour Ends

Early breakfast and transfer to Rijeka Airport.

Group pick-up time will be notified in e-mail according to everyone arrival. If arriving a day earlier which is the best option we advise you to have overnight in the town of Cres or Tramontana Pansion in Beli. If arriving with car we can help you out in finding a parking spot while we’re on tour. August trips are extremely relaxplorational due to high sun and heat.We will have long swim stops and paddle in the morning and late afternoons. You can leave your luggage in Beli with us while kayaking


13 Days, 10 Paddling Days
Beli (Cres Island)
Valbiska Ferry Port (Krk Island)
8, Private groups up to 16 people
Intermediate to challenging
Guide, Water, Meals, Waterproof bag, Spray skirt, Kayak (double or single), Life jacket, Transfer to starting point, Tent, Sleeping bag
Any transfer not described in the itinerary, Orders in bars or restaurants, Entrance tickets to museums, national parks, theaters etc., Drinks in bars or restaurants
Camera, Boots, Swimsuit, Water bottle, Beach accessories, Hat / cap, Lunch package, Sun cream