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The following itinerary should be seen as an approximate guide only. Our program may change depending on the local weather conditions and preferences of the group.

Day 1 - Day of arrival

Pick-up will be in Dubrovnik(Croatia) at 08:00 or by agreement and then we'll have a 3,5-hour transfer to our starting point where we'll meet our local guide.

The first day we’ll use for speaking on program details, meeting our starting place – Rijeka Crnojevica is the place with a rich history, as in centuries behind us it used to be the main market in this part of Montenegro, as well as the summer residence of Montenegrin royal dynasties Crnojevic and Petrovic. We’ll visit main sights of this area – walking around we’ll reach Obodska Cave, remains of an old monastery - first printing house in South Slavs, Pavlova Strana viewpoint (one of three most photographed points in our country)… We’ll also enjoy amazing food typical for this part of Montenegro, as it’s well known by the fish, cheese, vegetables and of course, great wine.


Day 2 - From Rijeka Crnojevica to Virpazar

Our activity plan starts with paddling from Rijeka Crnojevica to Virpazar. First, we’ll pass fabulous meanders of the river, reaching the lake covered by meadows of lilies. Then we’ll visit the small forgotten village of Poseljani, which was a very important point in Montenegrin past.

There existed 14 watermills and people from surrounded areas use to come there, bringing their cereals for milling, which normally required staying several days in the village. Hosts from one of the very few households will prepare a nice lunch for us. Then we’ll get back to the Lake, enjoying more of its beauty and wide views, finishing our first paddling day in Virpazar, the biggest and the most popular place in whole Lake’s area..

Paddling distance: 28 km


Day 3 – From Virpazar to Murici

The next two days will be a bit easier, as we’ll pass some shorter distances, but it will be the same beautiful, as we’ll enjoy the widest part of the Lake, situated between grandiose Albanian Alps and Rumija Mountain. It’s a bit remote area and there will be much less boats and other tourists - most of the time we’ll be accompanied only with birds.

We’ll start our trip in Virpazar.Passing picturesque channel we’ll arrive at the open Lake, heading to small fortified island of Grmozur, famous as “Montenegrin Alcatraz”, as this place used to be a prison in the past. From there we’ll paddle to Radus Oko – deepest point of the Lake, continuing to the small fishermen village of Krnjice. You guess – there we’ll have more and more of nice homemade food and drinks.

The rest of our route will bring us to the most beautiful part of the Lake. It’s a small archipelago of islands, known also as “Monastery Islands”, as there are three medieval orthodox monasteries. It’s a nice part to meet more of our culture and history, through stories and legends that speak about our turbulent past. We’ll visit the monastery of Beška from the 14th century, having a break and enjoying all the beauty of this place and its surroundings.

The tour finishes at Bobovišta village – from this place we’ll move to Old Town Bar, passing lovely landscapes of Southern Montenegro, astonishing viewpoints, picturesque villages, ancient forests of chestnuts, hills, and valleys.

Paddling distance: 23 km


Day 4 – Sightseeing Day

You can also choose the 7 day tour option by not using this day (lower price)

On our "day off" we’ll visit Cetinje and Lovćen Mountain. For centuries Cetinje used to be the capital of ruling dynasties in Montenegro. In our turbulent history, it was always a symbol of our pride and freedom – it was never conquered by any emperor until 1916. It's probably the most beautiful town in the Montenegrin countryside, full of museums, monasteries, royal palaces, monuments, and beautiful old buildings. Also a place with big charm and great people – you will definitely enjoy walking its streets.

Lovćen is situated above Cetinje and it’s definitely the most recognizable mountain in Montenegro. It’s like the natural border between the Seaside and countryside, rough rocky area with awesome views to the Boka Bay, Cetinje, Podgorica, Lake Skadar and most of the Montenegrin territory. It’s also culturally very important for us, as on the top of Lake’s Peak is buried Petar II Petrović Njegoš, bishop and ruler of Montenegro from the first half of 19th century, maybe the most famous Montenegrin ever. His mausoleum is the highest one in the whole of Europe, as the grandiose building is situated at 1567 meters above the sea level.


Day 5 – Bar to Bečići Village

Finally we are paddling on the sea! Our new environment we’ll start to explore from the small beach of Maljevik in Bar Municipality, passing by some of the most attractive points of our coast – secluded Queen’s beach, high cliffs around Buljarica beach, small town Petrovac, Sveti Stefan, plenty of awesome wild beaches, caves, and inlets. We’ll stop at some of these places for a swim, lunch and for the rest. Finally, we’ll reach the beautiful beach of Bečići, where we'll stay for a night. It's maybe the most diverse and the most beautiful paddling day in the program.

Paddling distance: 25 km


Day 6 – Bečići to Bigova

This day we’ll work hard as well – but you’ll see it’s really worth, as we’ll move from Budva, the most popular place in Montenegro to probably the wildest and the most peaceful part of our coast. Budva’s Riviera has definitely the most beautiful beaches at the seaside, so we’ll see Mogren, Jaz, Trsteno and Ploče beaches – after that, be ready for paddling in total peace. Next 15 km we’ll paddle by brutal cliffs, enjoying their raw beauty, until we find Trašte bay.

We’ll spend a night in Bigova that used to be a small fishing village – now it’s much more valorized in elite tourism, but it still keeps its charm and it’s definitely between calmest places in Montenegrin seaside. We’ll stay in nice apartments, enjoying delicious seafood and amazing views.

Paddling distance: 28 km


Day 7 – Bay of Kotor

Transfer to the Bay of Kotor where we'll enjoy paddling the coastline with an overview of the mighty mountains. The highlight of the day will be paddling to a small island with a monastery „ Our Lady of the Rocks“.After sightseeing, we continue paddling to Perast where we'll finish our adventure.

Paddling distance: 26 km


Day 8 – Transfer to Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Breakfast and transfer to Dubrovnik (Croatia) or Podgorica Airport.

Included all food starting with dinner on day one to breakfast on day eight except Lunch and Dinner on Day 4 (Sightseeing Day).


8 Days, 7 Nights, 5 Padding Days
6, 10
Easy to intermediate, Intermediate
Guide, Water, Transfers from or to airport, Meals, Spray skirt, Kayak (double or single), Life jacket, Transfers
Orders in bars or restaurants, Entrance tickets to museums, national parks, theaters etc., Drinks in bars or restaurants