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Rab Island Relaxploration (6 Days)



Food Hedonism and Relaxploration

Reveal your hidden taste sensors :-)

This is the Six Day chill out kayak tour through the culinary history and tradition of the island of Rab .It will be guided by Šime Sušić - the winner of the first Croatian MasterChef Show.

The aim of this adventure is to meet the specificity of the Island of Rab and the people living on it through the sphere of gastronomic offers, tradition and history. Kayaking will reveal the most hidden and most beautiful parts of Rab.

Šime is Geography teacher.So not only that you will enjoy in food but in interesting stories and facts as well.

The group is limited to max 7 and min 4 people.


The following short itinerary should be seen as an approximate guide only. Our program may change depend on the local weather conditions and preferences of the group.We plan to paddle around the Island so the following itinerary is not described in details.

DAY 1 - Rab Town and Kalifront Forest

  • Meeting at our base after breakfast,around 9 am or by agreement
  • If you are not situated in our apartments it might be possible to arange a pick-up on the Island
  • Transfer to start point, paddling under fortification walls of Rab Town.
  • Introduction to the general historical and geographical characteristics of the island / city of Rab
  • Overnight stay in a bay on the south side of the island- Kalifront.

DAY 2 - Watermill and Tunera

  • Paddling along the south side of Rab to cove of Supetarska draga
  • Visiting the 800 y.o watermill 
  • Witness the richness of the underground waters of Rab
  • Going to the bay Tunera (the history of hunting tuna), dinner in the fishing lodge in Tunera
  • Overnight stay on the small sandy island

DAY 3 - Sandy Beaches of Lopar

  • Paddling from sandy island to cape Sorinj
  • The story of the legendary Bura wind (general characteristics, origin and impact on the population of the island)
  • paddling around Lopar
  • overnight in one of the bays 

DAY 4 - Prison Island

  • paddling around the island of Saint Gregory
  • stopping by the bay where the male prison was created after World War II
  • getting to know the history of the island
  • trekking through the male prison to the highest peak of the island / sightseeing bunkers on cliffs
  • overnight in Prison Bay

DAY 5 - Geo Park Rab Pt.1

  • paddling on the northeast side of the island
  • stopping in a bay where the female prison in World War II was
  • crossing over to Lopar penninsula
  • Stopping at San Marino, viewing the longest sandy beach on the Croatian Adriatic.
  • Sightseeing Medova buža,a specific sea cave with two entrances
  • Jump in the Cave
  • Beach camp
  • Wine and cheese tasting

DAY 6 - Geo Park Rab Pt.2

  • paddling to Mag bay
  • a tour of the cave in which it is possible to enter by kayak
  • Trip concludes in Ferry port of Rab by 3pm.
  • Transfer to Our Base

If you need room accommodation before the trip starts feel free to ask us and we’ll try to find one. Price range is around 30,00 € for a room and 60,00 € for the apartment (not per person).

It is safe to leave your car anywhere on the island since there are basically no criminal activities. We'll point you where you can leave your car, close to the starting point.

Transfer from finishing point on Cres Island to Rab Island is possible and free of charge.

July and August trips are extremely „relaxplorational“ due to high temperatures and strong sun. We have longer breaks and more swimming stops.

Your personal items left at our base will be transfered back to you on the last day.


5 Nights, 6 Days
Easy to intermediate
Guide, Water, Accommodation on first and last day, Meals, Transfer from ending point, Waterproof bag, Spray skirt, Kayak (double or single), Life jacket, Sojourn tax, Transfer to starting point, Tent, Transfers
Any transfer not described in the itinerary, Orders in bars or restaurants, Entrance tickets to museums, national parks, theaters etc., Drinks in bars or restaurants, Sleeping bag (can be rented), Air Mattress
Camera, Boots, Swimsuit, Water bottle, Beach accessories, Hat / cap, Sun cream